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A balanced diet without excess calories. Contains an adjusted balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. The ideal product for many who want fast, tasty and easy to lose weight, fully and appropriately eat or gain the right weight with a lack of weight.

In the package 450 g, 15 servings
Application: Mix, whisking intensively in a closed container (shaker), 30 grams (1 measuring spoon) of the product and 200 ml of milk 1.5% fat content by temperature no more than 60 ° C.
Before the first use, the jar must be shaken.
Do not use for individual intolerance to product components.
Produced in France
Cocktail Energy Diet with banana flavor is a rich exotic taste which will not leave anyone indifferent.
Just one serving of Energy Diet per day, but ceaselessly. What’s the result?
In each portion – everything necessary for the proper functioning of the body: a balanced set of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, fiber, 12 vitamins and 11 minerals.
Diet without hunger and lack of nutrients.
Proper eating habits – stop overeating, you eat less and at the same time you are full.
Improves metabolism.
Fast recovery after physical exertion.
Excellent health and energy.
A cocktail must not be your only source of food. It must be at least once a day to eat bizarre food and drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Pregnant women must consult a doctor before drinking a cocktail.
Composition :
Proteins of animal and vegetable origin contain a full set of amino acids (including all irreplaceable): they are the building material for the cells of our body, normalize the work of the brain, restore the hormonal background and the synthesis of enzymes.
Unsaturated fatty acids. The main component – soybean oil – in comparison with other vegetable oils contains a record amount of vitamin E1 (tocopherol) – a natural antioxidant. Has a high biological activity and is absorbed by the body by 98%.
The balance of fast and slow carbohydrates: dextrose (glucose), instantly absorbed by the body, starch and maltodextrins, which are absorbed all over the day. The amount of carbohydrates is calculated in the sort of way that the whole energy intended for the body is fully absorbed (in particular by the brain and muscles), and not stored in the form of fat stores.
The complex of enzymes High Digestibility improves digestion, promotes rapid digestion and more complete assimilation of proteins of animal and vegetable origin.
Fiber – natural dietary fiber: a gum derived from corn tare, and inulin chicory. Fiber has a double action: it provides a feeling of saturation, helps to remove toxins and toxins.
12 vitamins and 11 minerals – among them: iron, copper, zinc, iodine, selenium, a considerable amount of calcium. And also: vitamins of group B; vitamin E – “catcher” of free radicals; Vitamin A is an active participant in the metabolism, an assistant of our vision.
Acerola is a natural source of vitamins and microelements, surpassing virtually all fruits in the content of vitamin C. It has antioxidant, tonic and restorative effects in the general state of fatigue, infectious and viral diseases.
Royal jelly is a milk given by young bees as wet nurses, it contains numerous B vitamins, minerals and trace elements, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids. Royal jelly has a general strengthening effect, stimulates stress resistance, increases the body’s resistance to viruses.
Proteins of soy, dextrose, milk proteins, vegetable oil (soybean oil, dextrose syrup, caseinate, natural flavor), pea proteins, chicory inulin, starch, potassium citrate 3-substituted, acacia gum, calcium ortho-phosphate 3-substituted, natural flavors, thickeners (cellulose gum, tare gum), magnesium carbonate, sweetener (acesulfame-K), vitamins (PP, C, E, A, B5, D3, B6, B1, B2, B9, biotin, B12), salt, Acerola Malpighia glabra L. (149 mg / 100 g), ferrous sulfate, dye (beta-carotene), zinc citrate, royal jelly (31 mg / 100 g), manganese gluconate, glucose atom of copper, a complex of enzymes, potassium iodide, sodium selenite.

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