1 LB True Premium CEYLON Cinnamon Powder Resealable Bag

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 Ceylon Cinnamon Powder
              1 lb Resealable Bag
  • Country of Origin : Sri Lanka
  • Our Cinnamon comes directly from the Ceylon cinnamon tree which is harvested from the “mature” portion of the trunk by stripping off the bark and rolling it inside of the other. After being dried at low temperatures, it is carefully milled into fine powder to retain the high nutritional value and allows for maximum digestion and absorption when consumed.
  • Cinnamon will also be enjoyed in various ways. It’s mild, sweet taste is perfect for cookies, cakes, coffee, oatmeal, and breads in addition to curries, sauces, vegetable dishes, mulling wines, mulling apple cider and punches.
  • Hayllo Cinnamon Powder is raw, pure, all-natural, vegan, non-GMO and has low levels of coumarin, making it a great addition to any way of life.
  • Cinnamon dates back thousands of years as it used to be not only used as a spice, but in traditional Chinese medience as well. Native to Sri Lanka, the Cinnamomum verum, referred to as ‘true cinnamon tree’ or Ceylon cinnamon tree is a small evergreen tree in which its inner bark is used to make cinnamon.



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