Boost Your Energy Naturally

What if there is a way to boost your energy in natural ways and in the same time to be in good shape and fit? When most of the people try to increase their energy levels by habit they reach for a cup of coffee or something that contains sugar. Have you read the labels of the most energy drinks out there in the market? They are full of sugar and caffeine. These things give you an energy spike for short period of time, you feel good, energized but then you literally crash. Sugar not only adds unwanted calories but it rises up your blood sugar levels and it may create fake hunger. This is not something you would like if you want to live healthy and to be mindful about your diet. Do you know that white sugar is called “empty calories” because it is full of calories and in the same time don’t give any nutrients to the body? Also studies shows that too much caffeine per day may increase your heart rate and blood pressure, interrupt your sleep, and even cause anxiety.

The good news is that there are great foods that may boost your energy and in the same time give your body vital vitamins and minerals. Foods that are going to help you feel good and look good!

One of my favorite foods that boost energy is bananas. They are great snack on their own but you can combine them with foods high on protein and good fats like almond butter or full fat yogurt. They are so delicious blended into a smoothie or protein shake. Do you know that bananas can moderate blood sugar levels after meal and reduce your appetite? It is because they contain pectin and resistant starch. Also bananas are filled with fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium… All these are nutrients that promote sustained energy and good muscle function. Also they are loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and good carbs.

Other great fruits that can give you little energy boost when you need it, are apples, oranges or even berries. The last ones are even considered low sugar fruits.

This may surprise you but kale salad can be a way to boost your energy! Kale is nutrient rich food and it contains many antioxidants and fiber along with vital minerals and vitamins. All these are going to keep you full and keep your blood sugar stable. Also kale contains an amino acid called L-tyrosine. It  is used by your body to produce brain chemicals that influence mood like dopamine (“feel-good” chemical associated with pleasure) and hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine that control the body’s response to stress.

Salmon is another food that is great for your brain and your body and it is going to give you sustainable energy lift. It is great combination of good proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. It is wonderful choice for dinner or lunch, or even breakfast for those who are trying to lose weight. Do you know that breakfast full of proteins and good fats is going to keep you less hungry during the day? Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to reduce depression and give you mood boost.

Almonds are another great choice for snack. They are full of important nutrients like magnesium, vitamins B. Also they contain plant protein, antioxidants, good fatty acids and filing fiber. You may eat them raw (always soak them first) or in almond butter, almond milk or almond flour. Magnesium plays vital role in energy metabolism. A research shows that people with low magnesium levels tent to tire more quickly during exercises. Also muscle cramps are related with deficiency of this mineral.

But the coolest thing is that you don’t have to eat all these foods to have an energy boost. We are eating through our skin. What you are putting to your skin goes directly through it to the blood stream and from there where it is needed in our body. So only putting almond oil on your body like a lotion may increase your energy levels and make you feel better. I love to make for myself homemade lotion from almond butter, raw cold pressed organic coconut oil and some essential oils. A good quality peppermint essential oil on the back of the neck mixed with some base oil may boost physical endurance and in the same time help you to be more focused and alert.

Sometimes just a banana mask on my face is enough to make me smile and to feel more alive… And not only because I look so weird and ridiculously funny in the mirror!

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